Published On: Sun, Sep 8th, 2019

Towers timeshare owners have MP Brison’s attention

MP Rolando Brison in Parliament

PHILIPSBURG – Member of Parliament Rolando Brison has invited Leona Peterson Naude, the spokeswoman for the disgruntled timeshare owners at The Towers at Mullet Bay to testify to the parliamentary inquiry committee about her experiences – should such an inquiry become a reality.

Brison answered Peterson’s letter in which she explained the situation at The Towers where timeshare owners have been unable to use their weeks since the property sustained damages caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Brison wrote that Peterson’s testimony “would help government take action and change laws.”

The MP also invited Peterson to a Skype call or a conference call with her and with any other timeshare owners. He wrote that he has received “dozens of emails and messages about these issues” adding, “Rest assured it has my utmost attention, as I will be launching a full parliamentary inquiry, the strongest tool of parliament, to get to the bottom of everything and find real solutions.”

Lastly, Brison invited Peterson to call him on Whatsapp at any time. “I am at your disposal as by extension the economic injection of the timeshare owners is sorely needed in our ailing economy.”

Jadira Veen reacted on Facebook to Brison’s response. “While I feel for the timeshare owners, they need lawyers to take up their dispute; it is between Ansary and them. Your inquiry into the Mullet Bay property and beach and pond hopefully will not be sidetracked by timeshare issues,” she wrote. “That’s really a dispute between owner and time share title holders.”

Brison disagreed and noted that the government has a role to play: “The Towers is claiming that the reason they cannot rebuild is because of the Central Bank’s regulation on Sun Resorts. This is a government matter.”

Furthermore, Brison wrote that parliament approved legislation two years ago for timeshare. “Yet no government has implemented it. So even if they lawyer up, which legislation should apply? Or are the lawyers better off waiting longer for the timeshare laws to ratify that are more favorable to their clients?”

National Alliance faction leader Silveria Jacobs also joined the conversation: “I’ve received several letters!!! We must double down on our efforts for justice for these owners on this situation. Sxm cannot afford to lose loyal visitors. No man is an entity unto himself.”


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