Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

Real motives

That the prosecutor’s office has decided not to start a criminal investigation against Minister Emil Lee (Public Health) and SZV-Director Glen Carty suggests that the departed chairman of SZV’s supervisory board Dr. Michel Petit had an axe to grind. After all, he was the one to file a complaint and he was vocal about it too.

There are still some suspicions that Petit’s attack had something to do with the bid for the hospital project but that is by now water under the bridge.

If there are no indications, or evidence, of actions that warrant a criminal investigation, then the door to that avenue is closed.

Nevertheless, such actions are always to a certain extent damaging for the people who become the target of such an issue. Running to the prosecutor’s office with a complaint suggests that there is something serious going on, something that needs to be exposed.

Now that there is apparently nothing to expose, it becomes opportune to question and to expose Petit’s real motives. An interesting exercise, for sure.