TelEm Group CEO Kendall Dupersoy appointed to CANTO board

Pond Island — TelEm Group CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy has been elected to the board of CANTO (Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organization). The appointment was made during the 39th annual general meeting of CANTO in Suriname earlier this month. According to Mr. Dupersoy, the nomination was prompted by board member Mrs. Helma Etnel, who will be standing down from the board in keeping with her retirement from the TelEm Group of Companies to make way for a new CFO next month.

CANTO, a non-profit association that holds annual telecommunication conferences in island member countries, is made up of operators, organizations, companies, and individuals in the ITC sector. The association has a Caribbean focus on dealing with ITC issues for the region but with a global perspective. Included in the services offered by CANTO are their annual conference and trade exhibition, annual general meeting, ITC training and workshops, and various ITC publications.

Mr. Dupersoy says he is honored to maintain a TelEm Group presence at the board level of CANTO and that the regional telecommunication organization will continue to play an important role in telecommunication development in the Caribbean region.

“Regional operators can benefit much by cooperating and partnering in various areas of telecommunications, particularly when it comes to maintaining products and services and revenues in a fast-changing telecommunication market,” said Mr. Dupersoy.

The CEO says TelEm’s Group rollout of a fiber optic infrastructure is quite advanced when compared with fiber networks in other Caribbean islands therefore the company can already offer much assistance in the way of advice to its regional neighbors based on lessons learned.

“We are continuing to look at different ways of working closer in the Caribbean telecommunication-wise”, said Mr. Dupersoy citing partnering with operators on the French side of the island in a new internet exchange initiative and closer to home, the company’s own IPTV system which has prioritized making regional broadcasts an important part of the company’s IPTV program lineup.

“Mrs. Etnel has over the years worked very closely with CANTO and I would very much like to maintain that relationship as a new board member to the benefit to TelEm Group, its employees, and St. Maarten generally”, said Mr. Dupersoy.

CANTO’s newly elected board member, TelEm Group CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy