Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018


Ok, let’s recap this issue as succinctly as possible for readers.

First there was some written action resulting in a letter.
Then there was some oral action on the radio about the letter being actionable.
This resulted in some written action in the Daily Herald.
To this written action there was no reaction.
So the Herald took action and came with more written action.
Then action was taken and a reaction made actionable in the form of a press reaction.
This resulted in a reaction to the written action boosted by the press reaction that the written action should not have been actionable based on the verbal action.
StMaartenNews.com took action and wrote a reaction about all these actions resulting in inaction. Hilbert Haar then took action and analyzed the actions in a reactionary opinion piece with the conclusion that all these actions resulted in no official action taken due to a lack of action.

Get it? If not, click on the hyperlinks and read the publications for further details and clarification.