Published On: Wed, Jan 19th, 2022

Cooperation, cooperation, cooperation

Former Lt. Governor, former APS Chairman of the Board, former member of the Law Enforcement Council, Managing Director of Seven Seas and present member for St. Maarten on the Progress Committee, Franklyn Richards is a man, who when he speaks, we listen carefully.

In Linda Richardson’s Facebook program Aging With Grace, Richards had a lot to say and what he said boiled down to the apparent lack of professionals to carry out a strong government administration in St. Maarten.

Richards’ words can be considered highly critical of the current state of affairs, however, as a senior advisor to government, his words contain a strong message Government, Parliament and all Stakeholders in society should heed and pay keen attention to.

We especially agree with the positive advice he ended his statements with emphasizing the need for cooperation, cooperation and more cooperation. Cooperation with the Dutch, that is.

Read our review of his opinions during his talks on Aging With Grace:
Professionals needed to carry out a strong government administration