Published On: Thu, Nov 17th, 2016


The Caribbean Cybercrime Conference pushed local politicians with their noses right into today’s digital reality.

Cybercrime is probably one of the most profitable criminal activities of our time, but law enforcement in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom has limited expertise at its disposal to deal with such issues.

The conference is a call for action and for setting priorities. People don’t die from cybercrime, but these activities could very well ruin people’s lives, and sabotage the health of a country’s economy.

There is no point throwing money blindly into cybercrime capabilities but it is high time for decision makers to make themselves familiar with the field.

Knowledge, as was pointed out at the conference, is key. Only well-informed decision makers are able to make well-informed decisions. That is true for law enforcement agencies, but certainly also for the governments that fund them and for the parliaments that control those governments.