Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Facts be damned

The mud-slinging competition between disgruntled politicians is already in full swing and the Parliament has not even passed the motion of no confidence against the Marlin-government yet. It promises to be an interesting time that is ahead of us.

With accusations flying to and fro, the average reader will soon be left scratching his head, as it will become near impossible to separate fact from fiction.

Under those circumstances, it comes down to who you want to believe; facts be damned.

The main players in our political arena have been at this game for decades. They know how it is done and what the consequences are. Today’s friend is tomorrow’s political enemy and vice versa.

After the 2016 elections, we were close to a unique tandem of the National Alliance and the United People’s party in government. For unexplained reasons that deal fell apart and the NA made its political bed with the DP and the USp.

Now the UP will soon find itself in a deal with the Democratic Party and young USp-MP Chanel Brownbill, whose position remains a bit of a mystery as he is “not independent, but in alignment with the DP-faction.”

It seems to us that politicians have already found a way around anti-ship-jumping legislation while that ordinance is not even there yet.