Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017

No interest

It seems now that Education Minister Silveria Jacobs has no interest whatsoever in settling her differences with the American University of Integrated Sciences.

What was supposed to be a simple name change has turned into an ugly standoff that does not benefit anybody – not the university, and not the community either.

In case of a dispute – whatever it may be – the least parties could do is have a face to face talk and explain their positions.

Since August 2016, the university has attempted to meet with the minister – all to no avail.

It has brought the leadership of the university to the sad conclusion that, for whatever reason, the minister prefers to see the company leave the island.

Without further explanation, the reason for this stubborn approach may only become clear after the AUIS has indeed moved to an island that is better prepared to accommodate it.