Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Selective memory

Dutch politicians have a selective memory when it comes to their dealings with the kingdom’s Caribbean countries. The uproar about Prime Minister Marlin’s send-in-the-troops remark is another example.

Who does not remember Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s infamous give-me-a-call statement in case St. Maarten wanted its independence?

MP André Bosman now claims that this is not the way we deal with each other.

We say: that is exactly the way we deal with each other.

The thing is: one should not take these statements literally but in the spirit they were said. Just ask the Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem what happened after his rather funny booze-and-women statement to make clear that benefits come with obligations.

Marlin just made clear that he will not cooperate with the instruction, just like Rutte made clear that he has no problem in case St. Maarten wants its independence.

And by the way: sending in the troops is not necessary; they are already here.