Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2018

Sinister minister

StMaartenNews EditorialThere seems to some kind of behind-the-scenes coordinated effort to make out former VROMI-minister Christophe Emmanuel to be some kind of 'sinister minister'.

Here at we often receive information, documents and other material with the intention to expose certain irregularities, for instance in government or government-related entities, institutions or corporations.

Ofcourse, the validity of these documents have to be checked and the provider of these documents have to be a credible source as well for us to even take them seriously.

However, sometimes we have to ask ourselves what agenda is being served here.

Quite recently we were provided with information - that when viewed as is - painted a certain picture, but when we double-checked the 'facts' as provided, we find that certain information is left out or not provided. Is this on purpose? Or is this a matter of an overzealous 'whistleblower' who wants to 'buss the pot' as is often excitedly claimed here on St. Maarten when it comes to these so-called exposures?

So what is really going on here? We think there is more to this story...



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