Published On: Mon, Sep 11th, 2023

St. Maarten’s judicial professions calling for urgent update legal system

In the light of recent revelations during the installation ceremony of the new Judge Gerben Drenth, it is apparent that the legal system in St. Maarten is in dire need of a comprehensive review and overhaul.
With a backlog of cases, a lack of child rights protection, and a questionable legal position for bailiffs, the current state of affairs is not just alarming but also raises questions about the functionality and efficacy of our legal and judicial system.
Firstly, the fact that there is no legal basis for the protection of children’s rights in St. Maarten is an outright scandal. In an era where the rights of the child are globally recognized and protected, it is appalling that St. Maarten lacks the necessary legal framework. This is not just a failure on the part of the legislature but also a gross violation of the rights of the most vulnerable members of our society. It begs the question, why is the Parliament of St. Maarten not executing its duty as legislator in our country?
Secondly, the backlog of 45 cases waiting for an appeals judgment, some of which are over three years old, is an indictment of the inefficiency of our judicial system. Justice delayed is justice denied, and the current state of affairs is a gross injustice to those awaiting a fair hearing.
Thirdly, the lack of a proper legal position for bailiffs for over thirteen years is a shocking revelation. If bailiffs have been operating without a proper legal basis, it brings into question the validity of their actions and the legitimacy of the legal processes they have been involved in.
These revelations beg the question, why can’t we get anything right and on a timely basis in this country? The backlog of updates to our legal system is frustrating and disappointing. It raises concerns about the overall functionality of our legal and judicial system and the legal basis for many cases, including the summons of bailiffs.
The current state of the legal system in St. Maarten is a matter of urgent concern. It requires immediate attention and comprehensive reform to ensure that justice is served, rights are protected, and the rule of law is upheld. The Parliament of St. Maarten must rise to the occasion and fulfill its duty as the legislator of our country. The time for action is now.