Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

Think ahead

An interesting question was posed today on Facebook. The poster wanted to know how the Shutdown in the USA, the Yellow Vests issues in France and the Russian bombers in Venezuela might affect our one pillar economy.

A good question and it would not hurt to think about the possible scenarios that can play out leading to tourists stopping coming to our island.

Therefore we are calling on our leadership in the business sector, in the government sector and in the private sector to form a taskforce to address this issue and be proactive in finding ways to mitigate the various scenarios that can play out if things get out of hand in the Caribbean and the tourists stop coming indeed.

There are real potential threats out there and it doesn’t hurt to put on our collective thinking caps and think outside the box. There soon might not even be a box to think out of. So we need think ahead.