Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2019

Tripartite committee looking into increase of minimum wage

Minister of Health Emil Lee - 27 March 2019 on minimum wage

PHILIPSBURG — Families who are suffering to “make ends meet” are encouraged to visit the Ministry of Labor to acquire financial aid, said Minister of Health, Labor and Social Affairs Emil Lee. The Labor Minister was responding to questions about the increase of the minimum wage which is now seen as way below the living wages for employees.

Increase of minimum wages have always been a topic of discussions in all the elections for the last 25 years. Lee pointed out that that it is presently the focus of ongoing discussions with the tripartite committee. This committee consists of the business community, labor unions and government where they are looking into an adjustment in 2020.

The present minimum wage are now stands at Naf 8,83 per hour. However in a recent survey by the labor unions it has been established that Naf 14,00 per hour could be the starting amount for the negotiations on the increase.