Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2020

Reporting error?

Letter - St Maarten News - PeopleDear Editor,

In your reporting of the Larimar case, in which Mr. Theo Heyliger is accused of corruption by accepting bribes pertaining to various government projects on Sint Maarten. These bribes netted an amount in excess of 3 million USD.

The prosecution based their case on information provided by a so called Crown Witness, by the name of Ronald Maasdam.

What struck me in your reporting, is that an error has been made, maybe by a typo or something else while editing the news story.

Your reporting mentioned that the Crown Witness can expect payment of 1.8 million euros, in installments. In addition, he may keep 1.1 million euros  of the money obtain from crime. This is a lucrative payday being a Crown Witness, testifying against Mr. Theo Heyliger.

Again, it could have been a typo by the editor, because it is difficult for me to comprehend how a con man can get away with 2.9 million euros, just by being a Crown Witness for the Prosecution.

If your reporting is not an error, please let the public know what has been reported is valid.

And, if your reporting is correct, where is that money, for Ronald Maasdam, going to come from. Is it coming form the local Treasury or from  the Dutch Prosecution Team?

Being a Crown Witness is a lucrative business, for criminals.

F. Lake


Referenced news story: “Don’t pay Theo? That question did not arise.”


In answer to the letterwriter’s question…

No, it is not a reporting error nor a typo.

Part of the money that construction consultant Ronald Maasdam is allowed to keep comes from the accounts of his offshore companies. His company Advance Consultech SA received USD 1,847,685.25 from Windward Roads from March 10, 2006, to February 4, 2011. Volker Construction added USD 1,065,524.25 to the same account over the period June 13, 2012, to March 11, 2014. In that same period Volker transferred another USD 1,269,000 as a consultancy fee for the Simpson Bay Causeway.
In total, Advance Consultech (AC) received USD 3,151,947 and Euro 152,975. Ronald Maasdam had two other offshore companies in Isle of Man and Panama.