Published On: Sat, Jan 14th, 2023

Taking you back in COHO history

By Roberto Achken Richardson

I made a complete Overview on the Facts of what had taken place in the past during the Term of the Former Dutch State Secretary in terms of decisions on this Country Packages Process.


I always stressed the fact that the Government of Sint Maarten had signed an,

a) MUTUAL AGREEMENT with the Netherlands.

It was an agreement that had already binded/committed the Government of Sint Maarten to the Implementation of the,

b) COUNTRY PACKAGES, basically meaning there was no turning back on the journey of legally and constitutionally formally establishing all that would have been approved whether the COHO would have become a reality or NOT. Which it now has NOT.

c) The IMPLEMENTATION AGENDA of the Priorities was established, having become a so called Living Document, meaning that it was already signed off in Writing.

d) The ACTION PLAN back then being derived from the Implementation Agenda, having all the details on the Various Projects.

This also outlining what support would be provided by the Netherlands.

e) The COHO would have eventually monitor the Progress of the Implementation Agenda of the Country Packages.

So this would now mean that another Entity will be, or has already taken on the responsibility of this Monitoring Progress.

f) All Prime Ministers were, or are given the opportunity to express “an opinion” on the,

g) IMPLEMENTATION REPORT before the Implementation Report would be issued.

Note: Implementation Report issued by who? The State Secretary of Kingdom Relations on behalf of the Kingdom Government?

This is the point where this Consensus Kingdom Act COHO was discontinued, being agreed upon and signed by the Prime Ministers of the Dutch Caribbean Countries, Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten, along with the Dutch State Secretary.

1. What will now happen with the existing Technical Working Organization TWO? Will it be restructured, or will it cease to exist?

2. How then will the Monitoring Progress of the Country Packages now take place?

3. And in light of using the word EQUALITY within the Kingdom Partners of the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten being now used as it pertains to this REFORM, how will the responsibilities and division of this progress monitoring take place?

(Reminder of Country Packages for Sint Maarten includes measures in following Areas: a) Financial Management (budgetary yearly control), b) Tax Controls, c) Care in general, d) Education, e) Strengthening the rule of Law (Justice System), f) Economic Reforms and Investments).

Achken Roberto Richardson-SXM-IAM.