Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Buncamper: the fight is legit

PHILIPSBURG — “Their message is fair and it is clear,” said Member of Parliament Claudius Buncamper about the protest by employees that took to the streets on Monday morning to air their dissatisfaction about what was deemed unfair. He understands that there is a crisis and as a result sacrifices must be made, said MP Buncamper.

“In my opinion, the biggest mistake the Dutch Government made was to set the requirements in such a way, where it is impossible.” Buncamper alluded to the case regarding the verdict by the judge in the Court of First Instance where he ruled that the court cannot give the prisoners the right to be transferred when the party involved which is Holland is not part and parcel of the court case.

Placing the current situation of the protesters in a similar context, Buncamper said that the Dutch Government did not discuss the austerity measure with the unions who are the representative of the workers by law. The member of Parliament said that one of the reasons he supported the motion that was passed in the Parliament of St. Maarten was because it stated that one cannot trample on the local laws.

Buncamper pointed out that in the austerity measures that were proposed by Holland clearly state that if the conditions are not met by July 1, St. Maarten people will not get the 29 million that is due to them. “If you are seeking to break the law then the Dutch government is doing a good job at it,” Buncamper said.

He explained that the reason for the riots in the Netherlands is because the people are “tired of being pushed around like animals,” The MP, however, applauds the work that the St. Maarten government is doing but stated that the only way this can be done is by respecting all parties involved.

Buncamper mentioned that St. Maarten is still reeling from the effects of the hurricanes of 2017 and now experiencing COVID-19. “We are not as fortunate as the islands of Curacao and Bonaire where they only have to deal with COVID-19.”

He feels that Holland is taking advantage of St. Maarten. He stressed that it is clear that the Netherlands is not a kingdom of four countries that have autonomy but one country with six colonies. He noted that the motion by a Parliamentarian in the Dutch Second Chamber to take over the prison in St. Maarten has far-reaching consequences.

“I feel that the fight of the unions is legit and as a result, I think that government will have to make compromises in this crisis and if we have to lose the 29 million, then so be it.” He concluded that instead of investing in things such as the zip line, they should invest in bonds and let the SZV and the Pension Fund buy into it just like is done with the foreign lenders.


*For immediate release*

The Committee of Civil Servants Unions would like to inform all Civil Servants and the general public that contrary to the letter sent out yesterday/this morning by the Minister of Finance (without a date) regarding payment and agreement on the vacation allowance, that: NO AGREEMENT has been reached on the matter. On the contrary, an additional 2% which equals a freeze in indexation (2019 indexation) has been added to the initial proposal of the Minister of Finance of 12.5% sent on May 28, 2020.

Press release Committee of Civil Servants Unions (CCSU)


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