Published On: Sun, May 21st, 2023

Chief Commissioner John addresses artificial intelligence during symposium in Aruba

PHILIPSBURG — Chief Commissioner Carl John delivered a compelling presentation about the use of artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting advantages as well as disadvantages at the symposium Human Factors versus Technology in Aruba.

Justice Ministers from various kingdom countries attended the symposium that aimed to foster discussion about crucial and strategic matters related to general security.

Shalton Hato and Rocco Tjon, the ministers of justice of Curacao and Aruba respectively, addressed the audience. “Their valuable insights shed light on the importance of investing in technology as wells as human resources to effectively combat crime,” the St. Maarten police force stated in a press release.

The symposium offered a platform to local and regional stakeholders in the justice chain, including chiefs of police from all countries in the Dutch Caribbean, the RST (Detective Cooperation Team) and representatives from semi-public and private sectors.

Chief Commissioner John emphasized the need to strategically analyze and use the vast amount of available data. He delved into the practice of data collection by big businesses through cookies and underlined the importance of sharing intelligence.

John delivered a “significant proposal” to the government of St. Maarten that highlights the importance of harnessing big data. His recommendation stressed the need to have dialogues on the effective use of big data to strengthen safety and security and to foster the development of strategic plans that would drive economic growth.

“By harnessing the power of data analytics the government can make informed decisions and design comprehensive plans that address the various needs of the country, leading to overall progress and prosperity,” John said.


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