Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2016

Info candidate-ministers to governor tomorrow

william-marlin-mgpGREAT BAY – Formateur William Marlin will submit the paperwork of the ministers for his new cabinet by tomorrow to Governor Holiday and to the national security service, suggesting that the candidates for all the ministers posts have already been selected.

Marlin emphasized that the governor is in charge of the next step in the process. Candidate-ministers will be screened by the national security service VDSM and by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.  Prosecutors will examine whether candidates have a criminal record and whether they are under investigation, be it in St. Maarten or elsewhere.

Marlin said that candidate-ministers also have to submit a CV and information about their bank accounts; they also have to declare all assets worth more than 20,000 guilders.

“The target is to have this process completed by October 27,” Marlin said. “The swearing in of the members of the new parliament and the ministers could be done on the same day, October 31.”

The coalition partners – National Alliance and United People’s party – have exchanged their political manifestos and they are now working on their governing program. Marlin said that the governing program should also be ready by the time the ministers are sworn in