Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2024

National Alliance manifesto appeals to voters with lower taxes

PHILIPSBURG — The National Alliance (NA) manifesto for the upcoming elections is a 30-plus pages document that outlines the party’s plans for the immediate future. There are a lot of initiatives that will appeal to voters.
The focus is on improving people’s lives through fiscal measures. The NA promises to lower income, wage and profit tax within the first hundred days if it becomes a part of a new administration. It also wants to abolish inheritance and gift taxes as well as property tax.
Appealing further to voters who struggle to make ends meet, the party intends to lower grocery prices through rigorous price controls.
The party furthermore wants to achieve 25 percent renewable energy in 2024. There is also some seemingly good news for students: the NA wants to make sure that every student in elementary school is in the possession of a computer at home. Another objective is to lower the cost of internet services.
The NA intends to establish an annual investment forum, to invest in student housing in the Netherlands and to set up a drugs control council.
Climate change also get some attention in the manifesto. It states that the party wants to minimize the negative effect of climate change on agriculture and health.
The National Alliance also wants closer ties with the French side of the island. It aims for bilateral projects in the fields of agriculture, education, culture, youth, sports and tourism.
This article contains a limited selection of highlights from the manifesto. To read the full text go to: https://linktr.ee/1silveriajacobs