Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2019

Four days of serious sailing and serious fun conclude with awards and concert

Heineken Regatta 2019 Colombus Cup winners

GREAT BAY — The 39th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is now in the books and already the event organizers, the ST. Maarten Yacht Club are looking forward to the 40th. After four wonderful days of sailing, the newcomers will be encouraged to come again along with those that secured podium places and those who missed the chance.

Over the years, the ST. Maarten Heineken Regatta saw participants going back to their destinations with an array of unique experiences. The crews varied from Olympic champions, world champions, Paralympians in along with those directly involved with the boating industry.

Between the close encounters at the starts in the various classes and the podium places, the participants had to dare the elements with and without the assistance of gusting winds that often cause huge waves.

In addition to the top three podium places in each class, there were some additional prizes for a few and it was with a sense of pride and accomplishment that those that were singled out beamed with sheer confidence when they were invited on stage.

Minister of Tourism Stewart Johnson took the opportunity to address the gathering. “Thanks to the people on St. Maarten that has supported this regatta. This is the best regatta in the world, and St. Maarten is even back stronger than ever. We want to thank every team that is represented here tonight for the confidence. We are proud as a country to host this regatta and we are looking forward to the 40th anniversary which will be bigger and better,” the Minister stated.

Bareboat overall, KHS&S Contractors, Marinero Sailing School Ukraine and Breeze Club. Among the others that received special prizes were Made in Midi who was presented with the UTS Cup for the Most Worthy performance on Friday after taking line honors along with a special prize from B&G.

Sailing Poland were the recipients of the Sol Cup as the fastest None Spinnaker around the island on Friday. I Love Poland who made a clean sweep in the Ocean Racing 1 class also received the WIB Cup for the fastest none Monohull around the island along with the Spirit and Style trophy from Zerox.

Spirit of Juno (Maxi2) won the Performance Yacht Racing Trophy for the Most worthy charter boat. Fling 16 won the Most Worthy Performance trophy for Thursday. Selene was the winner of the Swan Cup and the most worthy performance overall trophy went to Team Whistler who were presented with an expensive Oris Watch.

Heineken Regatta 2019 Ocean Racing 1 winners I Love Poland Heineken Regatta 2019 CSA 1 winners Lazy Dog Heineken Regatta 2019 Ocean racing 2 winners Made in Midi


Maxi class 1

Selene a 2nd and three 1st places, Fling 16 a 1st and three 2nd places and Varsovie, two 3rds and two 4th places.

Maxi 2

Eliza Vastgoed three 1st places and a 2nd, Spirit of Juno a 1st and three 2nd places and Zampano a 2nd and three 3rd places.

Ocean Racing 1 I Love Poland with four 1st places, Ambersail with three 2nd places and a 4th and Sailing Pond with a 2nd, two 3rds and a 4th place.

Ocean Racing 2 Made In Midi three 1st places and a 4rd, EH01, Performing Yacht Racing a 1st, two 2nd and a 3rd place followed by Avanti a 2nd and three 3rd places.

ORC Performance lady Mariposa Racing five 1st places, Godspeed Sail Racing Academy with four 2nd places and a 3rd and Aquis Granus with two 2nd places and three 3rd places.

CSA 1  Lazy Dog with four 1st places and a 2nd, Kick em Jenny 2 with two 1st places two 2nd and a 3rd followed by Taz with two 2nd places and three 3rds.

CSA 2 Dauntless with five 1st places, Sonrisa five 2nd places and Xpatriate with a 2nd and four 3rd places.

CSA 2 (P40) Touch2Play Racing two 1st places and three 2nd places, Liquid with two 1st places, a 2nd and two 3rds followed by Scarlet Oyster with two 1sts, a 2nd and two 3rd places.

CSA 4 Whistler three 1st places and two 3rd places, Solstice a 1st, a 1.5, two 2nds and a 7th place with Speedy Nemo bringing up the rear with a 1.5, three 3rds and a 4th.

CSA 5  F.K.G three 1st places and a 2nd, Team Island Waterworld two 1sts and two 2nds and Island Waterworld Too with four 3rd places.

12 Meter Regatta Stars & Stripes 86 two 1st places and Canada 11 with two 2nd places.

Bareboat 1 Semper Pro Grediens two 1st places, two 2nds and a 3rd, Marinero Sailing School Ukraine a 1st, three 2nds and a 3rd followed by Lascaris with three 1st places, a 1.3 and a 3rd.

Bareboat 2 KH&S Contractors with five 1st places, Breeze Club with three 2nds and two 3rd places ahead of Nauti Canucks with three 2nd places, a 3rd, 4th and a 6th place.

Off Shore Multi Hill Team Brasil three 1st places and a 3rd, Ineffable four 2nd places and R-six team with a 1st and three 3rd places.

Multi Hull 1 Tryst with four 1st places and a 2nd, Enola a 1st, two 2nd places did not finish one and retired in the 4th race.

Multi Hull 2 Spellbound with five 1st places, Arbuzov-VPM three 2nd places and two 3rds followed by Sweet Spot with two 2nd places and three 3rd places.

Island Time Inshore Miss Guided with eight 1st places, three 2nd places and a 3rd, Budget Marine 1 three 1st places, seven 2nd places and two 3rd places ahead of Kidz at Sea 1 with four 1st places, four 2nd places and four 3rd places.

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