Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Food suppliers allowed to do deliveries

St. Maarten Government Court of Arms~ Covid-19 Update – St. Maarten ~

PHILIPSBURG — All food suppliers are allowed to make deliveries on both sides of the the island (Dutch and French sides) as of tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7, to clients, including smaller grocery stores, and shipments to the neighbouring islands.

Deliveries are also allowed to individual clients (read residents) who can make orders online, via WhatsApp or telephone. The contact telephone numbers and e-mails will be published by government within short for residents to access grocery stores/supermarkets nearest to their homes for only urgently needed items.This delivery service is only for essential items, not luxury items.

All grocery stores/supermarkets will execute deliveries as per their capacity. When a delivery order is made, the client will be informed when (date and time) the items will arrive at their door.

Medical and emergency personnel will have preference for deliveries.

Decision to allow food deliveries was made as food suppliers have significant perishable items on hand. It is also a preventative action to avoid anyone breaking the law.

Supermarkets/grocery stores must adhere to the following:

1. All supermarkets/grocery stores are to remain closed to the public. Residents are NOT ALLOWED to leave their homes to go to the supermarkets/grocery stores.

2. Supermarkets/grocery stores must obtain the required waivers for internal and delivery workers.

2. Supermarkets/grocery stores MUST ensure all workers are healthy. No one ill is allowed to work.

3. All deliveries must be on a no-contact basis. Meaning items will be delivered to the door. All payment must be made in advance or with as little contact as possible.

4. Food suppliers (supermarkets/grocery stores) must provide (delivery) staff personal protective gear (PPE).

Later this week, a decision will be taken about how to assist people who could not/cannot make use of the delivery system. It may become possible for people with this special circumstance to be allowed to the supermarket/grocery store within their neighbourhood based on their family name (read last or surname). THIS DECISION STILL HAS TO BE TAKEN!

(Source: Govt. of St. Maarten)


Carrefour Home Delivery Service

In cooperation with the Indian Merchants Association (IMA) and Domino’s Pizza, Carrefour is offering the following groceries delivery service:

Grocery Delivery Service Carrefour