Published On: Wed, Mar 20th, 2019

Prime Minister to look into the high cost of rents

PM Leona Romeo-Marlin - 20 Mar 2019

PHILIPSBURG — Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin has promised to look into the high cost of rentals by home owners which is spiraling out of control following the hurricanes of 2017. Marlin in her capacity of Minister of General Affairs said at a recent press conference that it has been brought to her attention by the Rent Committee since there has been serious complaints about rents on the island.

However, in a recent interview with members of the Rent Committee they have indicated that they will be able to address the matter of the high rents if the accommodations are less than a certain size but it is up to the tenants to report the injustice. Although residents are complaining they are in some cases afraid to report their landlords because of fear of reprisals.

Some residents have been complaining that in some cases because the home owners had not insured their buildings they have increased the rents to help cover the cost of repairs. There are still hundreds of homes where “slumlords” are demanding rents and threatening tenants that they will throw them on the streets if they do not comply with the increases.