Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

Pineapple Pete 2017 Open Singles Tennis Tournament

The Pineapple Pete 2017 Open Singles Tennis Tournament being held at the tennis courts of the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex is in full swing and is heating up this week.

The first week is out of the way and the tournament tennis jitters and rust should be gone by now. The local and international tennis players have shown their stuff as there were some very entertaining and close matches held already in the Men’s 40 +, the Men’s Open and the Women’s Open and there is much more to come.

This week all players that performed well will advance into the next (more advanced) groups and later rounds where the mph of the serves increases the groundstrokes get more blistering and the tactical aspects hit new heights.


In the Men’s Open the players that advanced are from:

Group 1 : Martijn Eerland finished 1st by getting by Ajamu Bally and the young and promising Vikish Mirpuri with clear intensions;

Group 2 : Juan Muruete-Goyena finished 1st and showed his skills by dismissing Chris van Vliet and getting by the scrappy Hans de Bruyne.

In the Men’s 40+ the players that progressed are from:

Group 1 : Richard Boyd sliced and diced his way to the 1st spot and William Irish became 2nd in the group;

Group 2 : Hans de Bruyne became 1st, with his often everything or nothing approach, and Lucas Knol got 2nd place in the group;

Best 3rd : Was Paul Van den Hoogen who came up just too short at times in the critical phases.

The qualified players will start playing the ¼ finals from Monday evening.

IMG-20170408-WA0005In the Women’s open the players that went ahead are from:

Group 1 : Debbie Zwanikken got through some tough physical and mental battles against Olga Richardson and Jessica van Vliet to finish 1st in group 1;

Group 2 : Aukje van Kuiken showed allot of promise for someone whom started playing not too long ago by getting through the strong competition in her group matches against Astrigt Schalkwijk an Mariet.

This week the matches will be held on weekdays starting at 5:30 PM and in the weekend the semifinals and finals will be served up and held in the morning AM hours and late afternoon PM hours.IMG-20170404-WA0016

Matches and times will be published on the Tennis Clubs Facebook Page: @sintmaartentennisclub.

We look forward to seeing all tennis fans come by and enjoy watching the beautiful game and supporting your favorite players.