Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

Social media

Social media is here to stay.

Despite privacy issues, people continue to bare their souls on Facebook and other social media channels. Intimacy between family, friends and loved ones have been exchanged for a permanent link between a person and their smartphone.

Conversations are no longer held in person but via chats, posts, tweets and status updates. Research now identifies dopamine addiction as the main contributor to conversations taken place via social media rather than in person.

However, from a business point of view, social media is now becoming the primary form of marketing contact between companies and their target audience. is no different. We have seen a growth spurt in the recent months that now puts our Facebook follower base well over 8000 people.

We welcome the new social connections, however at the same time, we wonder about the many inter-human connections lost. Or is there still hope for better communications between people and their friends? Something to wonder about.