Published On: Sun, Mar 18th, 2018

LU records highest score as the Primary Schools Soccer Tournament enters 2nd week

Battle in the Primary Schools soccer competition - 20180318 MP

Cay Hill — Saturday, March 17th, will be a day the ACE Foundation will always remember, it was the day when some key soccer players from the Learning Unlimited team took full advantage of their skills by scoring 16 goals without conceding one.

The man in charge of this competition which involved children from the Primary Schools is Orien Allen, the Competition Leader. “This tournament is all about development, in the past this competition has always commenced in January and runs into May. Allen explained. “But because of the hurricane, that was not possible, so now we are trying to organize a competition that will end around the same time.”

“Instead of having many rounds, we have each school play against each other in the various age brackets and award a point system to arrive at the eventual winners,” Allen said.

According to Allen, currently, the competition involves kids in the U-13, U-11, U-9 and U-7 age categories, however the level of participation among the schools varies he noted. “For example in the U-7 we only have two teams, U-9 five teams, U-11 seven teams and U-13,  10 teams. We estimated that the competition will end early in May after a break for carnival.”

Because of the age limits and skill levels, the entire field is not utilized, in fact three matches are played simultaneously starting at 8 am to 12 noon. Those in the U-7 age bracket compete against each other in a much smaller space.

Results of weekend matches in the Primary Schools soccer competition are as follows:


Hillside Christian vs Mac School 1-1

Sister Magda vs Learning Unlimited 4-2

Hillside Christian vs Sister Regina FC 2-1


Sister Borgia vs Hillside Christian 0-11

Mac School vs Sister Regina United 4-1

Sister Regina (Real Regina) vs Sister Magda 1-0


Sister Borgia vs Sister Regina 1-11

Learning Unlimited vs ACE Foundation 16-0

Sr. Marie Laurence vs Sister Magda 4-6

Ruby Labega vs Maria Genevieve 4-3

Hillside Christian vs Mac School 1-3

Battle in the Primary Schools soccer competition 2 - 20180318 MP

Photo caption: Battle in the Primary Schools soccer competition which entered its second week Saturday, March 17th, 2018. Photos taken by Milton Pieters. For more photos visit our Facebook page here.


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