Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2018

Winair announces service to Aruba and Bonaire

Air Antilles ATR-47 aircraft flying for Winair
AIRPORT — Winair is pleased to announce new services to connect Bonaire and Aruba with St. Maarten effective July 1, 2018. “We will offer 4 flights per week Bonaire – Curacao – St. Maarten and vice versa, 3 flights a week Aruba – Curacao – St. Maarten and vice versa,” Winair said on Tuesday in a press statement.

“In addition, Winair will also increase the number of flights St. Maarten – Santo Domingo – St. Maarten from its present 5 flights a week to offer daily service effective July 01, 2018.

“Winair will increase its flight schedule from its current 2 flights to 3 flights per week for St. Maarten – Port au Prince – St. Maarten. With the addition of Bonaire and Aruba to the flight schedule of the national carrier of St. Maarten, Winair is very proud to now connect the entire Dutch Caribbean, ensuring truly seamless travel and fulfilling the expectations of the traveling public.

“The expansion of our existing schedule will serve the needs of our customers during the peak summer travel period. These services will be available to the public using a state of the art ATR 42 500/600 series with a capacity of 48 passengers,” Winair said on Tuesday.

“Thanks to the efforts of our employees and management Winair continues to reinvigorate and rebuild itself, provide much needed employment in St. Maarten in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria,” states Michael Cleaver, Chief Executive Officer & President of Winair.

WInair fleet post Hurricane Irma

For flight schedules, reservations and bookings, please book online at www.winair.nl.

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