Published On: Thu, Nov 1st, 2018

Winair and Divi Divi Air discuss cooperation

BN Islander Divi Divi Air

Philipsburg, November 1, 2018 – Discussions have begun between DIVI DIVI Air (Curacao) and WINAIR (St. Maarten) to begin the process of cooperation to work together improving connectivity in the ABC islands and Northern Caribbean.

“The goals of these two companies will be how can we provide better services to our mutual customers, lower prices and increase options for our customers capitalizing on each other’s geographical location and extensive route networks” stated Michael Cleaver, President and CEO of WINAIR.

WINAIR is a founding member of the Caribsky Alliance (with Air Antilles and LIAT) which serves 35 destinations and has a combined fleet of 22 aircraft. We can better serve the ABC islands through working with DIVI DIVI Air, this will achieve tangible results for our respective companies and customers.

“Divi Divi Air is very content with the discussions that have taken place so far. “We look at WINAIR as a pioneer in the Twin Otter operation, a company that has proven to be resilient in harsh conditions, and like ourselves the oldest operating airline in their own respective country. Relating completely in similar circumstances we find we can gain mutual benefit from a professional synergy and look forward where these talks may take the two companies” says Germaine Richie from Divi Divi Air.

Although talks have only recently commenced both WINAIR and DIVI DIVI Air are confident that there are many opportunities and synergies between both companies.