Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2019

Community Aid Sentry Hill completes third home

Henri Brookson of FCASH delivers home in Fort Willem - 8 March 2019

FORT WILLEM—The Community Aid Sentry Hill Foundation has completed its third home for the less fortunate after the home was devastated by the hurricanes of 2017. The foundation which is headed by Henri Brookson is now on the verge of taking on it’s forth project in Dutch Quarter.

The cost of the rebuilding of the home is about $55,000, without the foundation and the septic tank. It would have cost some $70,000 if they had to build it from the foundation up. The two bedroom home is made out of solid concrete with a concrete roof which it is expected to withstand hurricanes in the future.

During the building of the home, his thoughts were that this home could be a model for the social homes in the future. After pondering about finding the land and the financing for social homes he said that there is the possibilities in getting it done by approaching the Dutch government with a constructive discussion on the project.

“Instead of always with the head on collision all the time, I am convinced that the Dutch Government will help us,” he said. He also believes in taking the concerns to the media so that it could pass to the ears of the Dutch government.

He admits that it will not be an easy task, but “you have to fight your way in,” since nothing comes easy. He pointed out that when he was the Deputy Minister of Plenipotentry for the government of St. Maarten he became aware that there are many organizations that one can access funds.

He feels that if these organizations are approached and are convinced that the funds are really needed they will assist. He also pointed out that it must also be proven that the limited funds are spent well and not wasted. The other thing is that one cannot approach the potential lender with the attitude of demanding them that they must give the necessary help. This is not the way, he said.

He explained that the funds that the Community Aid Sentry Hill Foundation have reserved and earmarked for helping people are funds that came from his family after they had sold the Emilio Wilson Estate. While preparing the housing program he was fortunate to meet with John Bobbitt at the Fete de Cuisine who showed keen interest and decided to donate $130,000 for the purchasing of the materials for the homes. He says that although it is difficult at times to convince his family on his path, he indicated that this is what he wants to do which is helping people.

FCASH delivers home in Fort Willem (2) FCASH delivers home in Fort Willem (1)