Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018

Bell ready to rumble in Colombia

Michaelangelo Bell - Juduka rank JudoGreat Bay — In the field of Judo, the name Bell certainly rings a bell on St. Maarten. We are talking about Michaelangelo Bell, one of the athletes that has been selected to compete in the Central American & Caribbean Games (CAC) that will be held in Barranquilla, Colombia, from July 15th to August 3rd, 2018.

For Bell and the other athletes that have been selected, this is just the beginning on the road to the Olympics and by extension a historical achievement for those that will be representing the friendly island for the first time at that level.

Bell, who has risen through the ranks as a Judoka and will be competing in the 90kg class, was able to qualify in November of 2017. In an interview with StMaartenNews.com Bell spoke about his current status and what he still has to do ahead of the trip to Colombia.

“I have been preparing for this event for about two years now that I am back in training after the hurricane.”  According to Bell, because of the hurricane, he was unable to train for about two months here. But he did not see that development as a stumbling block and flew out to Curacao in his quest to compete in the qualifications that took place in October.

“I was able to come out in the top 9.” Bell pointed out. While he can attribute some of his accomplishments to his training and coaching staff including his father, Aarwichgt Bell, he is also grateful for the support given by his employers.

“They have been very helpful in my endeavor and they still are as they try to accommodate my working hours with my training hours so I got a better chance to prepare for my events.” he explained.

Without knowing what to expect from his opponents, although some he went up against before, Bell clearly stated that he is going to win because he is training hard to accomplish that feat.

“I met some of theathletes I will have to go up against in previous competitions that was held in Argentina, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. I know that I stand a chance to win it all.”

Bell took the opportunity to thank his employers, his coaching staff, his sponsors Nagico, GEBE and more importantly the members of his family.


Above photo caption: Judoka Michaelangelo Bell. Photo provided by Michaelangelo Bell.


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