Published On: Fri, Apr 28th, 2017

Bravo minister

Seldom do we hear a minister so outspoken – and also so angry – about an issue that touches the core of our community.

Minister Silveria Jacobs went all out on Wednesday against the vulgarities that marred the Youth Extravaganza show in the Carnival Village on Monday evening – and rightly so.

A show promoted as a youth event that is going to attract kids as young as six should be clean and stay far away from the sexually explicit and vulgar rap that has become the sad standard for a large part of a generation that has lost sight of its own future.

The Carnival Development Foundation will have to do some serious soul searching and make a better job of selecting the promoters it lets in on the fun that Carnival is supposed to be. Those promoters in turn will have to do the same with the acts they contract for their shows.

They could all take some advice from the committee that organized the governor’s reception for the birthday of King Willem Alexander. They put up a fine show at the Westin on Wednesday evening with an array of highly talented local artists. Fortunately, there is that other side to St. Maarten as well.

Bravo Minister Jacobs, you stood up for a right cause and at Today, we’re all the way with you.