Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2018

Dollarize yes, but…

It snuck back in quietly, but Dollarization is back on the political agenda.

With Ferrier’s announcement that we have just two years worth of guilder banknotes left, the decision will have to be made the coming months whether to opt for a Caribbean Guilder (with Curacao), a St. Maarten Dollar or go with the US Dollar or the Euro.

Money is still on everyone’s mind, but we are still not seeing any flowing. Now it is even threatening to dry up. Yesterday, we published news that APS is discussing launching a St. Maarten Investment Bank. We have a suggestion for the authorities. Take the long awaited World Bank Trust Fund and put that money into a St. Maarten National Bank and use the funds to launch the St. Maarten Dollar. This St. Maarten-owned bank can then pump those St. Maarten dollars into our own local economy and get business going.

Dollarize yes, but with our own currency, the St. Maarten Dollar.