Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2020

Our frontliners are under attack by the virus

We recently interviewed a frontliner about what the consequences of COVID-19 infections among the staff entail for capacity issues in frontline organizations such as the medical center, the ambulance service and the fire department.

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We have not published this interview yet because we did not want to be seen as engaging in fear-mongering. However, since then, reports have been coming in daily of positive infection cases relating to frontliners in the police department, the Pointe Blanche Prison, and several government departments such as immigration and labor.

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Frontliners being forced to self-quarantine means that under-staffing and under-capacity are serious issues that have to be addressed. The government apparatus was already significantly impacted by regular cases of under-staffing due to illnesses, sick leave and ghost civil servants. Add corona-infections, self-isolation, and self-quarantine to the mix and we have a severe labor workforce shortage on our hands in the collective sector.

Luckily, there seems to be good news to report and not just fear-mongering alone. The New York Times wrote scientists are seeing mounting evidence of lasting immunity after a coronavirus infection. It has been shown for the first time that people who have already had the disease do not get COVID-19 a second time. That’s excellent news for herd immunity and a vaccine.

So to the frontliners presently under attack, we say to you, follow the CPS guidelines for mandatory self-isolation and self-quarantine. Once you have overcome your symptoms, at least for the time being, you can put your mind at ease that you will have a certain amount of immunity until we get hard confirmation of the possible herd immunity effects of an infection. In the meantime, practice social distancing, wear a facemask, and wash hands often.