Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2019

The Light Bearer

At the dawn of the internet it was seen as the cusp of the information age and was dubbed the information superhighway. The internet became the great equalizer where everyone, no matter color, race or creed, could become wealthy beyond anyone’s imagination.

The internet was also the inspiration for democratization processes around the world in many countries. The internet gave rise to all sorts of movements such as The Tea Party Movement, Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, culminating with many hashtag movements such as #mgtow, #metoo, #shetoo, #hetoo and #ustoo.

The internet has given a platform for many to voice their opinions, their beliefs and their ideologies, whether we agree with them or not. The latest phenomenon with Facebook Live broadcasts must be placed within the context of human development to a level of transparency that will one day lead to the all-encompassing awareness that no action, no deed, no behavior will be left hidden and forever trapped in the dark souls and minds of the voiceless, for with the click of a button the truth can be broadcast live for the whole world to hear, no matter the consequences.

Before we pass judgement, let us analyze this phenomenon and understand its source and it’s need to manifest itself. When we comprehend its true nature, we will be cleansed of the need to enact and perpetrate dastardly deeds on our fellow man, woman or child, for we will know that our actions can be brought into the glaring blaze of broad day light with a mere live stream and we will easily stand condemned in the court of public opinion, be it today, tomorrow or twenty years from now.

Don’t condemn this bearer of uncomfortable truths for she may yet be the instigator of a cleansing the likes we have never seen before in St. Maarten. There wouldn’t be a need for such heart-rendering cries to be heard if there was not a deeper underlying cause. We all need to do some soul searching, for we all have blood on our hands, butter on our heads and skeletons in our closets.

This editor is not a scripture-quoting bible-thumping publisher, but the internet has made it easy to find Luke 8:17. Who does not know what it says, can always search the internet. Let all beware of the light bearer. #thetruthwillsetherfree