Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2022

Calypso is back: Beau Beau crowned Calypso King 2022

FESTIVAL VILLAGE — Calypso is back with King Beau Beau as the 2022 Senior Calypso finals winner. We might as well call him Commander Beau Beau because with his rousing calypso song called “Tribute to St. Maarten” Beau Beau appeared on stage in full navy regalia and gave a commanding performance that had the crowd on its feet in no time. The people got a boost of positivity tonight when King Beau Beau confessed we in St. Maarten are truly blessed. The man was put to the test in this calypso contest and he was declared the best.

With 899 points King Beau Beau received more than a nod from the judges, he was deemed the absolute winner with first and second runners up, His Majesty Baker Jr and Ricky Da Phox, scoring respectively 779 and 739 points.

StMaartenNews.com will be bringing you later in the day a full report on all the calypsonians’ songs and performances on the night of Tuesday, April 26, through to exactly 2:01am on Wednesday morning, April 27, when the judges came back with their results of the night’s scoring.

Photo (above) caption: King Beau Beau being crowned by SCDF President Alston Lourens as he is handed his trophy by the Honourable Minister of Culture Rodolphe Samuel.

Photo (above) caption: His Majesty Baker Jr throwing shade with his calypso song “Call a spade a spade”.

Photo (above) caption: Dressed as a Covidist doctor, Ricky Da Phox sang “The virus dread” dread.

Photo (above) caption: Empress Z in her elegant red dress. Singing about the men she used to follow on stage: Beau Beau, Dow, The Mighty Greg, King Timo and Tanni and the boys who used to make beautiful noise.


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