Published On: Wed, Oct 24th, 2018

Ydi is back with “Hushh” on My88.3fm

Ydi Heerenveen on My88

PHILIPSBURG — Ydellienne Heerenveen, affectionately known as “Ydi”, will be back on My88.3fm with her adult oriented program “Hushh”. The show will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 9:00pm too 11:00pm starting Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

“Hushh” has a loyal adult following on radio due largely in part to its open and “almost unfiltered” discussions and general content. As the show’s tagline “A Sexy Session” indicates, Hushh will focus on relationships, love, sex, money, intimacy, any topic that touches human behavior.

Many of these subjects overlap. Love and money, marriage and commitment, the wins, the losses, the chaos and all of the countless other moments in life that are big and important and tiny and trivial and scary and wonderful.

“You don’t reach her level of popularity without knowing what moves the needle emotionally for her audience. Ydi has developed that intuitive touch.  She shares her insights about the universal topics that truly resonate with people, whoever they are and wherever they live. She also interacts fully with her listeners,” Station Manager of My88.3fm Mike Granger said.

He said Ydi will make full use of live Facebook streaming through the My88.3 Facebook page. “We have been inundated with questions from the public about Ydi’s show. We are so happy to have her back and her unique brand of radio.  Dynamic and compelling listener interaction is the secret sauce of a great radio show. Hushh has found that winning formula,” Granger added.