Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

Former MP Illidge sentenced for bribery

Patrick Illidge to courtPHILIPSBURG – The Common Court of Justice sentenced former member of Parliament Patrick Illidge on Wednesday to 16 months of imprisonment for accepting bribes from Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel. Of the sentence, 6 months are suspended. The court also banned Illidge for five years from holding office and from his passive voting rights.

The court sentenced Van den Heuvel – who was not present at the sentencing hearing – to 32 months of imprisonment, with 12 months suspended and 3 years of probation. The court found Van den Heuvel guilty of bribery, forging a rental contract, tax fraud and money laundering.

Van den Heuvel’s company, Lunteren NV, has to pay a fine of 994,700 guilders.

The court acquitted Bada Bing manager Krijn van den Brug and Van den Heuvel of trafficking women, saying that there is no proof that the prostitutes that worked at the club were exploited.

During the trial in August, the prosecution demanded a 42-month prison sentence against Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel, with 12 months suspended. Against Bada Bing manager Krijn van den Brug the prosecution demanded a 9-month conditional sentence combined with 240 hours community service. Former Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge was facing 18 months of imprisonment, with 6 months suspended and a ban from holding office and from passive voting rights for five years. The prosecution demanded a 1.5 million guilders fine against Lunteren NV, the entity that operates Bada Bing.