Published On: Thu, Nov 4th, 2021

A ‘(not so) Mea Culpa’

Dear Editor,

Allow me to play my violin as backup music to the disingenuous Rolando Brison “me, me, me sob story” I just watched as he announced his resignation from the position of President of Parliament. Mr. Brison has convinced himself that the position he is leaving is (in part) a limiting factor in his own development. After all, healing takes time….from the Parliament chairmanship at least. His fall from grace (although self inflicted) is a cautionary tale. It’s been a long time since I personally told him that he impressed me as being very smart and “going places” on the ladder of success. (At the time I was Chairman of the WINAIR Board). I have now concluded that he is a damaged figure (possibly in need of professional help), having displayed a total lack of scruples and very little, if any, humility. He has elected himself the president of his own fan club. Rolando has the gift of gab and probably can sell ice to Eskimos. But please don’t let those crocodile tears fool you. This young man is doing the ONLY thing he can do to prevent himself from being unceremoniously removed from the PoP position or otherwise judged for his behavior on the floor of Parliament. He is very clearly retreating for “better times”. I suggest you sit back and wait for his next “faux pas”.

Michael J. Ferrier
Sint Maarten
November 4, 2021