Published On: Wed, Oct 27th, 2021

Shining a light on Integrity

As the INTEGRITY Advancement Movement Foundation, I have been watching and keenly observing all that has been happening and developing on Sint Maarten;

in and out of all Levels of Government, within the Private Sector, our Communities and Neighborhoods, our Churches and Religious Denominations, our Schools, as well as within our Homes and Families.

All from INTEGRITY Perspectives.

And when I sum it all up, words like,

a) Good upbringing, b) Respecting our elders, authorities, and leaders, c) Being honest with each other, d) Correct behavior, e) A good role model and one of good example, f) Transparent in what you do, g) Upholding Godly Principles at all times, h) Living up to any kind of agreement made, j) Saying what you mean and meaning what you say, k) Establishing policies, ordinances and laws that MUST at all times be upheld, l) Guaranteeing a system of continuity in the best interest of your Country and People,

and so we can go on and on.

Saying all of the above, I had a very interesting discussion with a professional friend of mine, who happens to be a young Sint Maartener. And we both agreed on one thing.

While we may, or may not be effective in our approach in singling out specific areas of Country challenges and problems, the way that will bring about the Long Term Solutions that we are all crying out for, will come through a Comprehensive Approach.

Meaning tackling everything through Overall General Principles, Policies, Rules, Procedures, Ordinances, and Laws, where we will be able to implement, protect, execute, guaranteeing transparency and continuity, moral upright living through honesty, ultimately upholding INTEGRITY.

And while most of us will agree, and some of us will not, for whatever reason of our own, we need to begin somewhere with this transformation for the Better of our Country, our Standard of living, Law and Public order, Proper overall Structure and Physical Planning, in the best interest of our Country, our Economy, our Safety, our Overall Development, and for All.

I am ending here again with my very popular story that I have been sharing since the Year 2017 when INTEGRITY began to be a New Mission of mine.

“Why would you constantly try to fix it, clean it up, repair it, and improve it, in the dark, when you can just TURN THE LIGHT ON AND KEEP IT ON, and see it all automatically fix, clean, repair, and improve itself through automatic prevention and disappearance”.

“Or is it that we conveniently and deliberately want to keep it this way, so that our excuses would always remain the same”?


Achken Roberto Richardson