Published On: Sun, Dec 6th, 2020

How to preserve our monuments historical heritage

By Achken Roberto Richardson

Supposing Government wants to preserve building monuments, then the Country should be the owners of these properties, a policy which I can understand and do support, given the culture, Sint Maarten’s families history, the strong historical values as well as the preservation of our historical heritage have as a benefit for our economy.

And if Government is not the owner of these real estates in question, then it behooves the Government to purchase or present Purchase Agreements for said properties immediately, conditional to the implementation of any Law/Ordinance or Policy, for properties purchased at market value from the private owner(s).

These families, their heirs and future generations to come should be able to benefit financially from the hard work and sacrifices of their indigenous local Sint Maarten families and forefathers.

Government can also opt to propose to pay a yearly lease to these heirs equivalent to the economic growth value and cultural promotion of the history of the country.

But at the same time, these family heirs should also be granted the option or possibility to present an Economic Development Plan to the benefit of both the economy of Sint Maarten as well as these family heirs.

And by the way, families’ homes should not be established as a monument unless the families of said properties agree in a notarized document to have it designated as such.

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