Published On: Sun, Mar 21st, 2021

Independence NO, Renegotiate COHO YES

WILLEMSTAD -- If anyone could have predicted that MFK would capture 9 seats in the Curacao elections, the party would have had 11 seats for sure.
MFK leader Gilmar 'Pik' Pisas himself was adamant that his party would get the 11 seats needed for an outright majority.
Nevertheless, it is clear he has immediately settled for the next best thing.
With his objective to form a coalition with an absolute majority, the following election outcome gives him that possibility:
MFK. 9
PAR. 4
PNP. 4
MAN. 2
KEM. 1
TPK. 1
The formation of a coalition consisting of MFK, PNP, KEM and TPK would give an MFK-led coalition control over a whopping 15 seats in the 21-seats Parliament of Curacao.
This means that the coalition would have an absolute two-thirds (2/3) majority in parliament. A majority that would give them the power even to change the Constitution of Curacao.
Pisas has made it clear in interviews that he is not interested in Independence for Curacao. However, he does see himself on the first plane to Holland as Prime Minister to renegotiate the terms of the COHO agreement.
The fact that Pisas is the next prime minister of Curacao can be derived from the following cabinet formation that is already doing the rounds on social media:
Gimar 'Pik' Pisas - Minister Presidente
Charles Cooper - Minister VVRP
Javier Sylvania - Minister di Finansas
Eduard Braam - Minister di Salubridat
Cey Van Heydoorn - Minister BPDP
Rudmila Larmonie - Minister di Enseñansa
Ornelio 'Kid' Martina - Minister di Hustisia
Anthony Godett - Minister di SOAW
Errol Goloe - Minister di Ekonomia
This may be a clear indication that an agreement was already in the making before the elections. Obviously, MFK already knew which portfolios it would want and which would be given to potential coalition partners. From the outset, it was clear that that partner would be PNP. Both the PAR and the MAN were not an option based on statements made even before the elections.
In an all-male-dominated cabinet, only one woman will be appointed as minister for education. That is Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia, who managed to bring the PNP party back from 0 to 4 seats.



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