Published On: Sat, Oct 30th, 2021

Deja vu all over again

MP Rolando Brison (UPP) has come under fire this weekend after a 'spliced up' recording of him went viral. Amazingly, when it comes to St. Maarten's politics, history has an uncanny ability to repeat itself. It is really 'deja vu' all over again. Why do we say that?

It is almost two years ago that MP Rolando Brison announced his resignation from the USP party. The same party that he was supposed to head up into the 2020 January elections as its new party leader ater being annointed as such by the USP's party leader and founder, Frans Richardson. The same party that was now quick to call for his resignation this weekend in a press release entiteld "United St. Maarten (US) board calls on MP Brison to resign immediately." A press release disseminated by Michael Granger of MilliMari Media Consultancy.

After this latest 'faux pas' where he really put his foot in his mouth, can we expect MP Rolando Brison to do the honourable thing and submit his resignation as President of Parliament and as a member of the UP party and declare himself an Independent Member of Parliament? One can only hope!

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