Published On: Sun, Dec 22nd, 2019

The H-Factor

Editorial - St Maarten NewsLeader of the SMCP, Wycliffe Smith, writes in an article about the H-Factor. Already on November 7, 2019, during an ad hoc committee meeting on electoral reform, the former MP Claude Chacho Peterson proposed that no coalition should be formed with shipjumpers. During his speech the MP for the SMCP said parties should sign an convenant stating that they would not form any governments with shipjumpers. MP Peterson said this would take away the incentive for shipjumpers to go independent and form their own one-man factions. Other ways to disincentivize the shipjumpers was to take away their privilege to get their own staff and to not allow them to travel on behalf of Parliament. Presently, independent members of parliament are allowed two staff members in their faction office. At the present rate MP Peterson noted that the factions of independent MPs would soon outnumber those of parties, which currently stands at four parties and four independents in parliament. If the number of independent MPs is to increase in the near future, that would be a direct result of the Human Factor in Government. To avoid that happening, we need to tackle the H-Factor once and for all.


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