Published On: Sun, Jan 14th, 2018

D-Day for PPA and Gracita Arrindell

Pond Island — Gracita Arrindell is making a passionate plea to the electorate to come out today, Monday, January 15th, to the former Census Office located on Pond Island from 9am to 4pm to endorse the PPA slate in order for the party to secure the 142 signatures to participate in the upcoming elections.

Screenshot PPA Leader Gracita ArrindellGracita says that the endorsement of the PPA slate is a firm step in the direction towards securing a strong, stable and pro-active Parliament of, for and by the people of Sint Maarten.

Gracita states: “Monday January 15, is D Day for the P.P.A party in its quest to be on the ballot for the elections of February 26th upcoming.  Last Friday January 12th, the P.P.A party was duly informed by the Chairman of the Main Voting Bureau, Mr. Jason Rogers, that our party unfortunately did not obtain the required 142 signatures during Endorsement Day on January 8th, last.  However, this default can be remedied in accordance with article 28, sub 3, of the Electoral Ordinance. Monday January 15th, gives us, the People’s Progressive Alliance and persons who wishes to sign up for our participation in the elections of February 26th upcoming the opportunity to qualify to be on the ballot.”

Arrindell said: “We continue unabated to encourage all citizens of good faith, those who have our island’s true interest and all our people’s well-being at heart, to please come out, help us secure the remainder of the signatures. Let us be clear, many of us including the P.P.A did not want any elections, nor did we call to have yet another pre-mature elections. Unfortunately after our citizens experienced a devastating hurricane Irma, that destroyed homes, business and our environment. The last thing on anyone’s mind was  yet another election. The destruction of trust in the ability of the present political leadership in government and Parliament to act decisively, while prepared to face the consequences following such devastation in the interest of our community was added insult to injury. This experience understandably, left a hard and bitter taste in the minds of many here and outside of Sint Maarten. We ask you, please do not ‘throw away the baby with the bath-water’, help us secure these signatures and ensure a strong and knowledgeable representation in the next Parliament of four years.”

“The most vulnerable among us, and many others are still lacking a secure roof over their heads., in spite of funds secured months ago to assist in the rebuilding efforts.  The thousands of jobless among us are still left in the dark (some literally) how to provide for their families in the days and months ahead. Still no clear action in regards to the projects and programs to be submitted to secure funding from the reconstruction funds established by the Dutch government following hurricane Irma.”

Gracita  concludes: “As the Leader  of the P.P.A , we hear you. We understand your plight and we are able and willing to bring not only relief on short term, but also concrete actions, mentioned many times following hurricane Irma, for short-mid and longer term. Thereby bringing our island back on its feet, stronger, more secure and safer. As the first president of Parliament I understand what we are up against. We have the experience what it takes to (re)build an institution from scratch. Not one to easily give up, when faced with adversity and challenges, I get up dust off my skirt, roll up my sleeves with the determination to do even better and greater things for our nation. Our candidates and our candidacy represents hope, courage and determination to get our island up and better, in a open, dialogue, inclusive manner with our citizens and business community. In order to help or beautiful island on its feet, again we need your support starting this Monday January 15, upcoming. Together we can do this. Nothing is impossible until it is done. I subscribe to the premise that a fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world a better place we so passionately dream off.  Thank you for your support.”