Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024

National Alliance with seventeen candidates in August 19 elections

PHILIPSBURG — The National Alliance submitted a list of seventeen candidates for the August 19 elections on Postulation Day to the Central Voting bureau in the legislative hall of the Parliament building. Former Prime Minister and MP Silveria Jacobs heads the list, followed by two former ministers: Egbert Jurendy Doran and Ardwell Irion.

Campaigning with the slogan We are one the party welcomes four new members to its team: Carlita Guy, Edsel Gumbs, Curtis Thomas and Allen Conner.

Gumbs is a senior loan officer at Qredits, who said no to getting into politics for nine years, but, he said, “The time has finally come. Those who know me and have been following my work know that I try to do my best for St. Maarten and its people.”

Carlita Guy is the founder and managing director of LuxC’Mar Yacht Services.

Curtis Thomas is an entrepreneur who won 40 votes as a candidate for the United St. Maarten party (USp) in the 2020 elections..

Currently we have no information about the background of Allen Conner, but according to our information, he has an impressive background in education.

The complete list of candidates for the National Alliance is as follows: 1. Silveria Jacobs, 2. Egbert Doran, 3. Ardwell Irion, 4. Cloyd Marlin, 5. Darryl York, 6. Edsel Gumbs, 7. Anna Richardson, 8. Angelique Roumou, 9. Sjemila Williams-Webster, 10. Curtis Thomas, 11. Hyacinth Richardson, 12. Allen Conner, 13. Shemira Hernandez, 14. Terrance Rey, 15. Ysmael Faustin, 16. Luis Hurtault and 17. Carlita Guy.

StMaartenNews.com will be bringing you more information on the bios and resumes of the NA candidates.

Familiar faces missing from this list are Rodolphe Samuel and George Pantophlet. The latter has decided to retire from politics and the former has submitted his resignation in writing to the party.

A large group of supporters followed the NA to the parliament building on Tuesday. The NA youth wing dominated the parade with their presence while Cloyd Ohndhae Marlin, Egbert Jurendy Doran and Darrel York were leading significant groups of followers in the motorcade consisting of cars, trucks, quads, bikes and walkers on walking sticks.

Party leader Silveria Jacobs submitted the list of candidates to the Central Voting Bureau while party-supporters cheered her on.

“We are here to stay,” Jacobs said. “The people are disappointed in what is now the government of St. Maarten.”

Listen to speak in the following video recording: