Published On: Fri, Jun 28th, 2024

MP Marlin questions the government’s delay in addressing sinkhole issue

~ Looming Crisis: Unresolved Sinkhole on Cole Bay Hill Raises Concerns ~

COLE BAY — It’s been six weeks since a significant sinkhole appeared on Cole Bay Hill on May 15, 2024, and there is still no resolution in sight. As one of the main roads on the island, this area is crucial for daily commuters, and its current state is becoming a growing concern for the community.

The government’s primary focus has been on the energy crisis with GEBE, almost to the exclusion of other pressing issues. This tunnel-vision approach has left the sinkhole problem on Cole Bay Hill largely neglected. According to the Department of Infrastructure, the sinkhole is a result of a collapsed drain. However, no digging or investigation has been undertaken to confirm this diagnosis or assess the full extent of the damage.

Recent observations indicate that the problem is expanding. Areas as far as 30 meters from the sinkhole are now showing signs of distress, with sagging asphalt and cracks spanning several meters. This situation suggests that the structural integrity of the road and the underlying earth is compromised and deteriorating.

MP Marlin questions the government’s delay in addressing this issue, highlighting the absence of a thorough investigation and the alarming speculation about the true nature of the problem. “Is the problem merely a collapsed drain, or is it something more severe?” The only certainty is that without proper examination and intervention, the risk to public safety increases daily.

Residents and motorists who rely on Cole Bay Hill are understandably worried. The potential for a more significant collapse could lead to serious accidents, property damage, or worse. The need for immediate action is clear, yet the government’s response has been frustratingly slow.

The recent appointment of a full-time minister offers a glimmer of hope. This issue must be addressed with the urgency it demands. The community deserves transparency and regular updates on the steps being taken to resolve this perilous situation. Timely information is especially critical if a lengthy road closure becomes necessary. Currently, there are no secondary roads for the major freight trucks that use Cole Bay Hill daily, and businesses need time to plan accordingly.

MP Marlin emphasizes the importance of the government also paying attention to this urgent matter before it escalates further. The safety and well-being of the island’s residents must be the top priority.