Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2020

Hidden agenda and ulterior motives

Letter - St Maarten News - PeopleTo the forces with a hidden AGENDA and ULTERIOR MOTIVES!

1) Take warning the writing is on the wall!

2) Stop fanning, feeding and fueling anger, hurt and desperation!

3) stop the division of our wealth only among the FAVOURITE FEW and include the WEAK and NEEDY who are also part of the community and country St. Maarten!

4) first and foremost preserve, protect, and promote the INTEREST and DEVELOPMENT of our people before taking on that of the whole wide world!

5) last but not least: Charity starts at home!

When your neighbours home is on fire wet yours!

A stitch in time can save nine!

Let not our pleas and plights and cries go unnoticed!

The bucket may well be overflowing!

Take care of your own before taking care of others!

Peter should not be paying for Paul!

There is no free LUNCH or free RIDE!

Observations by mr.Edwin James.


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