Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2020

SMMC CFO submits resignation

CAY HILL — Wednesday night, Windward Islands Health Care Union leader, Brunilda Illidge, informed StMaartenNews.com that the St. Maarten Medical Center’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Marco Meulenman, has submitted his resignation. “Victory is ours!” Illidge wrote.

In an interview Thursday morning, Illidge explained StMaartenNews.com that she was informed yesterday by SMMC’s management that the CFO had submitted his resignation. Management told Illdge that the CFO stated that he had decided to resign because someone threatened him. According to the CFO, he had received a letter threatening him and his family.

Illidge said she advised management to ask the CFO for a copy of this letter and to let her see it. Illidge said if there is such a letter, then this should be fully investigated as that is a crime. Is SMMC looking into this, Illidge wanted to know.

As of yesterday, the CFO was no longer at work. However, he still has projects to finalize. Illidge believes he will eventually come in to “clean out his things.”

Asked who would replace the CFO, Illidge said she believes they will try to find another foreigner to replace him even though she knows there are local people qualified to do the job.

Nevertheless, Illidge considered this result a victory for the finance department staff and the union. “No more bullying,” she said. Illidge described her union members and supporters as a “pack of wolves” that should not be underestimated. Her union will continue to support the other unions in solidarity of their causes. Whenever her members have a day off from their work or are on vacation, they will support the unions.

WIHCUA SMMC members & staff

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