Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019


StMaartenNews LettersDear Editor,

TBO is the team for betterment of oppression. That is the true meaning of the abbreviation. There is no interest of discovering the truth. The only objective is to get a story plausible enough to go before a judge, with a conviction guaranteed.

Lawyers, Police officers and civilians alike make constant remarks that it looks as if we no longer need lawyers in this country. It is evident in court cases that prosecutors make no effort in court to present their cases, that lawyers fight a well-supported battle, and judges just waltz passed it all to convicts.

There is no pride and no shame, and why should there be any, they all here to do the job they were instructed to do. Our judicial system makes it possible and now our Minister of Justice with his law amendments tries to make it even easier.

This a a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome: we love to be captured, controlled and abuse that we help the captor to do it better.

The Minister of Justice should just propose to eliminate lawyers form the legal process altogether since the prosecutors and judges can do it on their own. There is no impartiality in the legal system anymore, there is no confidence that justice will be done, there is no proof that human rights are respected in our legal system, and nothing is done about that. That this is undermining of our society, our human rights, that we are in fact once again just slaves of a system bothers no one.

Is this the case because this undermining is done by the Dutch and benefits them and only undermining by locals benefiting them is wrong?

Undermining is wrong anyway you put it and it does not matter who does it. No one should be allowed to come in to this country and undermine us, under the pretense that they are cleansing us of corruption.

L. B. Hill