Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2020


We are amazed how often we hear or read a statement saying the media should write about this, publish a story about or that the media should do more investigations.

Surprisingly, when the media do write about certain issues, it is then written off as melee, gossip and yellow journalism.

A big complaint on the island is that the media does not do enough investigative journalism. But guess what, a big part of investigative journalism is that people need to go on record and make statements about whatever the issue is that is affecting them. However, the problem is many people do not want to go on the record. For fear of victimization, penalization or condemnation. So, when we do publish stories without the backup from the sources or (eye)witnesses, the published news is considered baseless or unfounded.

However, even when the facts are presented and clearly outlined what the cause and consequences are of an issue, like for instance the non-application of an existing law, we are equally shocked and discouraged to see that authorities take no action afterwards when confronted with this evidence. Begs to question who is being yellow here? We the journalists engaging in yellow journalism or the authorities who are nothing but a set of yellowbellies?


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