Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

Four persons fined for breaching the border in Oyster Pond

Blocked Border Oyster Pond - 20200428 AB

OYSTER POND — The police patrol was sent on several occasions to the border in Oyster Pond for person’s who were breaching the border crossing without permission, the police said on Wednesday evening.

It appears that residents of both sides of the island were taking the opportunity to cross the closed border in the afternoon hours knowing that it’s not being controlled 24/7.

Later in the afternoon, the police patrol fined four persons who were caught breaching the border crossing. A car that was parked was also towed away from the border when the police became aware that the owner walked across the border to the French side and left his vehicle unattended.

The police of St. Maarten are again being confronted with this unacceptable type of behavior by a group of people in our community. Persons caught committing this type of offense, should bear in mind that there is a good chance that they will be arrested and fined.

These types of misconducts will no longer be tolerated or accepted by the police.


(Source: KPSM)

Photo caption: Border at the Oyster Pond frontier blocked off with a 4oft container. Photo by Fly4Usxm.


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